"The Native Origin Angus are on the critically endangered list"

-Quote from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watch list, Spring 2009-

The original bloodlines of the Aberdeen Angus have nearly gone extinct and have been reduced to only a few remaining bloodlines, that have not been genetically altered. Market pressures of the past half century, along with selection for what seemed viable concerns of the time, has caused the cattle industry to ironically move away from the some of the genetic advantages of this original Scottish cattle. The unsurpassed thrift and ability of the original Aberdeen Angus to convert second class forage into high quality beef without additional grain supplementation, has now made full circle to the wisdom of the early Scottish breeders. We have found what has been described as nine of the last pure cow family lines in Scotland, as well as a relic population in New Zealand. Our efforts are focused on producing Aberdeen Angus from these historic bloodlines.

An Additional source…

of Native Origin Angus Genetics, not having any post 1968 American Angus influence is none other than the full blood Lowline Angus. View the Rare Breeds Society Web-Site at

The MIDLINE ANGUS ASSOCIATION recognizes the full blood Australian Lowline Angus cattle as a primary and essential source of the original Scottish type Aberdeen Angus genetics. The Australian Lowline Cattle were developed from the Angus herd which was established at the Trangie Research Centre in 1929 to provide quality breeding stock for the New South Wales cattle industry and are an approved source of Heritage Angus genetics.

The daughters of Bay Ladd, a foundation of excellence.